Why would anyone use Apartment Locators?
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The job of an apartment locator is more than just to know the apartments...they also have to know all the different qualifying criteria of the many apartments, apartment locators know which apartments take pets, dont take pets, take big pets, take agreesive breeds, who can do a fast move in, who will work with credit, who has the best schools, who takes lower income, who will take JUST ABOUT ANY SITUATION!

Realtors are NOT APARTMENT LOCATORS! Some realtors may try apartment locating to bring in extra money, but for the most part reators are not nearly as knowledgeable on apartments as apartment locators, if you want an apartment, dont waste your money and time with a realtor.  If YOU WANT A HOUSE OR DUPLEX call a realtor.

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If you are looking for a place to live and are looking for a second chance, please SEARCH HERE and we will find you a  great apartment that WILL give you a second chance.

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